Auto transport

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    Own cargo park

    • 85 trucks Volvo, Renault, Mersedes
    • Container platforms, wagons and tank-containers

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    Profitable terms

    • Lowest base rates 
    • Feed for 3 hours
    • Super offers for export of goods in lots (round trips)

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    We're always in touch

    • Dispatch service 24 hours 7 days a week
    • Monitoring of trucks traffic in on-line mode

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    We keep the goods in safe hands

    • Fully insured liability
    • Guarantee of cargo safety / Compensation for damage
    • Compliance with the safety requirements of the largest international companies

Application for calculating cost

Pick-up point 
Unloading poin
Автотранспортные перевозки

Moving goods within our country from one point (starting) to another (destination) is considered one of the most sought-after services, but even here you can face a breakdown in the delivery time, loss of departure and other troubles.

To avoid problems, it is better to order trucking in the Russian Federation in a transport company that has its own fleet of trucks designed for transportation of different types of cargo, as well as relevant work experience. Such forwarding (transport, logistic) company is able to develop and offer optimal conditions for realizing goals set by the owner of the goods.

Classify freight traffic in Russia, depending on type of transport and cargo features. Thus, the transport of goods can be carried out by cars, freight trains (rail), by sea vessels, less often by air transport. Depending on the features of goods, forwarding company can offer transportation services for oversized, bulk and other cargo.

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