Insurance and maintenance

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    • Choosing the best insurance company
    • Exclusive terms due to volumes Group of Companies "Baltica-Trans"
    • Agent availability 24 hours a day
    • Pay at maximum rates
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    • Cargo insurance
    • Insurance of real estate
    • Hull
    • OSAGO, Green Card
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    • First we pay, then we deal with perpetrators (lines, terminals, warehouses)
    • Immediate departure of surveyor and insurance agent for fixing the insured event
    • Work with claims, legal support
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    We keep the goods in safe hands

    • Fully insured liability
    • Guarantee of cargo safety / Compensation for damage
    • Compliance with safety requirements of largest international companies
Escort and cargo insurance: with us as a stone wall
1) Professional tracking of cargoes in combination with legally competent insurance reliably protects customers of Group of Companies "Baltica-Trans" from transport costs.

2) Attentive consultants will select for each customer a company offering freight insurance in the most beneficial manner. Insurance payments are made in the shortest possible time (at maximum rates), no such term; The services of insurance agents are provided around the clock.

3) Our lawyers will take care that insurance contracts are absolutely transparent and do not leave room for arbitrary interpretations from representatives of lines, terminals and warehouses.

Cargo insurance for transportation by any mode of transport:

  • Cargo insurance occurs at special rates from 0.05% to 0.2%

GC "Baltica-Trans" offers insurance of internal and external transport of goods of all categories on exclusive terms, made possible by impressive volumes of corporate orders. When performing international cargo insurance, world quality standards of service are observed and contacts are established with leading insurance agencies of the world. We provide cargo insurance under conditions "A" ("With responsibility for all risks").

How payments are made for insured events:

In event of an insured event, company provides legal support, as well as can represent the interests of client in insurance company.
  • Payment is made by a simplified system,
  • In the shortest possible time,
  • With a minimum list of documents,
  • Without time spent by client.

To fix the incident and assess losses, immediate departure of surveyors and insurance agent is organized to scene of incident.

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