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    • Reduction of logistics costs to 30%
    • Increase in labor productivity
    •  Increase in turnover of financial resources
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    • Efficiency and capacity assessment
    • Identifying critical areas
    • Development of optimization solutions
    • Automation of logistics processes
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    • Legal support
    • Consultations
    • Preparation of foreign economic contracts
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    • Participation in proceedings in administrative and criminal cases
    • Representation of interests in court
Logistics consulting - improving efficiency of company.

Every day for our Clients we carry out: organizational, diagnostic, information, technological and other consulting services. Logistical consulting from GC "Baltica-Trans" - development of complex and system solutions that allow to solve following tasks:
  • Identify and use maximum potential of enterprise;
  • Reduce the labor costs of key business processes;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Optimize number of employees;
  • Increase profitability.

All projects on logistics consulting are unique, as they are individually developed for the Client and provide for complex or fragmentary optimization of main lines of activity - production, storage, purchase of raw materials, sales of products. In the process of work,  specialists of  "Baltica-Trans" Group of Companies use not only logistical, but also economic, managerial, marketing, psychological methods that make it possible to create a complex solution for complex logistics tasks.

The range of consulting services provided:

  • Audit of the existing transport and logistics system of the company;
  • Analysis of transport and warehouse logistics;
  • Development of effective supply, sales, inventory management systems;
  • Proposals for optimization of cost system cargo transportation and delivery of products;
  • Determination of the required number of vehicles (own or rented);
  • Planning optimal routes for cargo transportation.

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