Logistic news 23.12.2019 Freight traffic of soda and chemicals in Freight One wagons increased by more than a third

Logistic news 16.12.2019 Cargo volume between Russia and Azerbaijan for 11 months increased by 26.7%

Logistic news 10.12.2019 FAS proposes to increase tariffs for congested railway lines

Logistic news 09.12.2019 Far East will write down the ninth coal terminal

Logistic news 06.12.2019 The volume of cargo transportation via the NSR increased to 27.5 million tons in 2019

Logistic news 05.12.2019 Russian Railways unifies tariffs for empty mileage of covered wagons

Logistic news 04.12.2019 Since December, Russia introduced a new class of environmental friendliness

Logistic news 29.11.2019 The government is ready to launch a reform of control and supervision of business

Logistic news 27.11.2019 In the Russian Federation proposed to change the method of calculating transport tax

Logistic news 26.11.2019 Lithuanian customs showed black monitor to heavy trucks

Logistic news 25.11.2019 Rail freight rates rise less than planned

Logistic news 22.11.2019 State Duma ratifies agreement on traceability of goods in EAEU

Logistic news 21.11.2019 The movement of freight trains on the Crimean bridge will begin on June 1, 2020

Logistic news 19.11.2019 Medvedev noted the great importance of the transport complex for the country

Logistic news 18.11.2019 Traffic cameras accused of political myopia

Logistic news 15.11.2019 The Ministry of Transport marked out on regulation a draft order on settlements for transit transportation of goods by rail in international traffic and in the currency of payment for 2020 freight year

Logistic news 14.11.2019 In the suburbs suspended the issuance of passes for the passage of heavy trucks on the Moscow Ring Road

Logistic news 13.11.2019 Removing infrastructural restrictions may become a driver of the growth of the freight industry in the Russian Federation

Logistic news 12.11.2019 The State Duma will consider the draft Federal Law on Roads and Road Activities in the Russian Federation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation

Logistic news 11.11.2019 UAVs will receive subsidies from the budget. State reimburses certification costs

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