Logistic news 15.07.2019 The State Duma submitted a bill to reset the VAT on the transit of empty cars and containers

Logistic news 12.07.2019 Car equipment (dangerous goods) GLONASS nevertheless postponed until May 31, 2020

Logistic news 11.07.2019 Not only Georgian wines, but also mineral water can be subject to sanctions

Logistic news 10.07.2019 The government of the Russian Federation approved the temporary order of the transit control "sanctions": the document does not have a list of the passes, where it will be applied

Logistic news 09.07.2019 JSC "Russian Railways" and "Chinese Railways" - the capacity of Zabaikalsk for container trains increased by 25%, including thanks to the information system of the FCS of Russia

Logistic news 03.07.2019 Marine hub by the rules of the hub

Logistic news 02.07.2019 First blockchain container shipped to Rotterdam

Logistic news 01.07.2019 Mandatory labeling of shoes began in Russia from July 1

Logistic news 28.06.2019 The new order, which regulates the electronic provision of information about transport documents to confirm the VAT rate 0%

Logistic news 26.06.2019 From July 1, "Plato" will rise in price by 14 kopecks

Logistic news 25.06.2019 Vladimir Putin allowed the transit through Russia of goods produced in Ukraine

Logistic news 24.06.2019 In the EAEU, by 2025, they will create a single ecosystem of digital transport corridors

Logistic news 21.06.2019 Evaluation of oil compliance with the EAEU technical regulations from July must be submitted with a customs declaration

Logistic news 20.06.2019 Russia will prepare for a discussion with China on the issue of reducing import duties

Logistic news 19.06.2019 New requirement for equipping vehicles with a new smart tachograph

Logistic news 17.06.2019 Cocaine worth 4.5 billion rubles was found in St. Petersburg in a container of canned fish

Logistic news 14.06.2019 The export of sweets from the Russian Federation to China reached a record

Logistic news 31.05.2019 Development of the Eurasian Economic Union was discussed at a business forum in Armenia

Logistic news 30.05.2019 New checkpoint across the state border in Sevastopol is planned to be opened

Logistic news 29.05.2019 Vladimir Putin spoke about the expansion of the range of foreign trade partners of the EAEU

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