Logistic news 17.05.2019 Vladimir Putin: projects in the field of import substitution should focus on the export

Logistic news 16.05.2019 Transition to Sakhalin will end this autumn due to difficulties of “self-determination

Logistic news 15.05.2019 Turkey abandoned protective measures against steel products

Logistic news 14.05.2019 514.6 billion rubles was transferred by the Federal Customs Service in April to the Russian budget

Logistic news 13.05.2019 The number of marked goods will double

Logistic news 30.04.2019 From July 1, 2019 mandatory preliminary notification on water transport is introduced at the Crimean Customs

Logistic news 29.04.2019 FCS seeks to “press” on import duties on some food raw material

Logistic news 19.04.2019 Moscow will oppose the sanctions of the United States of America against Venezuela and Cuba

Logistic news 10.04.2019 Russia will ban the import of pears and apples from Belarus

Logistic news 09.04.2019 Cargo turnover at the port of Riga in the first quarter of 2019 accelerated by 1.6%

Logistic news 08.04.2019 Russia won a dispute with Ukraine in the WTO on the "transit case"

Logistic news 02.04.2019 Development of customs administration at sea checkpoints was discussed at UTU

Logistic news 01.04.2019 From July 1, the Crimean and Sevastopol customs will become part of YUT

Logistic news 29.03.2019 The Council of the Eurasian economic Commission will consider the removal of barriers in the EAEU market

Logistic news 28.03.2019 Import of products

Logistic news 27.03.2019 Bulgaria terminated the agreement on transportation with Armenia and Georgia

Logistic news 26.03.2019 Kamchatka authorities will buy a passenger-and-freight ferry for 300 million rubles

Logistic news 25.03.2019 Austria plans to develop trade with the Russian

Logistic news 22.03.2019 SCO actively develops cooperation with Iran

Logistic news 22.03.2019 Tajikistan is forced to organize the transportation of goods bypassing

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