Logistic news 15.11.2018 Will Russia create an international checkpoint on the border with Belarus?

Logistic news 06.11.2018 Chinese ports increased cargo turnover by 4%

Logistic news 24.10.2018 Uzbekistan and the United States were discussed increased trade and investment between countries

Between Russia and China opened a shipping route for the transportation of grain 23.10.2018 Between Russia and China opened a shipping route for the transportation of grain

Logistic news 16.10.2018 Russia and Paraguay discussed the suspension of beef supplies with three Paraguayan companies

Logistic news 12.10.2018 Russia and China will open a bridge over the Amur in the new year

Logistic news 25.09.2018 Russia and Belarus signed balances on the supply of agricultural products for the next year

Logistic news 19.09.2018 More than one and a half hundred trucks are waiting at the Lithuanian checkpoints to enter Russia and Belarus

Logistic news 13.09.2018 Export of Uzbek tomatoes to Russia increased threefold

Logistic news 13.09.2018 Restrictions on import of Belarusian dairy products to Russia are canceled

Logistic news 12.09.2018 Cuban inspectors will inspect Russian producers of livestock products

Logistic news 12.09.2018 The volume of trade turnover between Russia and Japan in 2019 will exceed Russia's trade with the United States

Logistic news 10.09.2018 Then Russia and China for eight months increased by 25.7%

Logistic news 06.09.2018 DSV acquired the Dutch S & N

Logistic news 06.09.2018 Siberian sawnwood sailed to Egypt along the Northern Sea Route

Logistic news 04.09.2018 Chinese antiques can fall under the duties of the United States

Logistic news 03.09.2018 Russia's trade with Syria grew by more than a quarter

Logistic news 29.08.2018 Uzbekistan and Russia are considering the activation of transport and transit of goods

Logistic news 28.08.2018 The losses of the port of Budapest due to the drop in the water level on the Danube River reached 300 thousand euros

Logistic news 27.08.2018 Russia agreed with China to export meat from Transbaikalia

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