Baltica-Trans Logistics has been providing terminal services for the organization of loading and unloading, storage and transportation of various cargoes for more than a year. We have established successful partnerships with many terminal and warehouse complexes in Russia and abroad so that the terminal processing and organization of its storage in covered warehouses and outdoor areas is carried out by us at a high professional level over the years.

The tank-building operator Baltica-Trans Logistics also performs packaging and marking works.

Loading and unloading operations and terminal handling performed by our specialists include the following works:

  • handling of container trains, including large-capacity containers from vehicles;
  • loading and unloading of various types of goods from indoor and outdoor trains and vehicles to warehouses, as well as transshipment of cargoes into containers from vehicles;
  • loading / unloading of oversized and heavy loads from rolling stock and vehicles, as well as their subsequent placement in containers;
  • work with a dangerous cargoes.